We’ve Made Gratitude a Part of Our Professional Lives

We’ve Made Gratitude a Part of Our Professional Lives

Many people know about the value of feeling gratitude in their personal lives, but it’s a mind-set that can have powerful benefits in the workplace as well. Here are some of the ways that leaders at Ace Concepts show appreciation:

• Travel: One of the most exciting Ace Concepts perks is our travel program. Throughout the year team members get chances to attend weekend conferences, fly to retreats, or drive to nearby cities for cross-training. While these are educational (and fun!), they are also ways to ensure people feel appreciated for their hard work.

• Continual Learning: From day one with us, new hires are immersed in a thorough training program that includes one-to-one coaching and hands-on workshops. We’re not just taught the job skills that help us get started though; we have chances to learn and grow throughout our careers. We can think of no better way to let our people know they’re appreciated than to help them learn how to be their best selves.

• Career Paths: We want the sharpest, most ambitious people to join our team, and when they do one way we show gratitude for their decision is to show them how to achieve their career goals. Every entry-level position with us leads to any number of leadership roles.

We’ve made gratitude a part of our operations with these and other policies. Find out how to join our team by liking Ace Concepts on Facebook.