Steps to Conducting an Effective Mid-Year Check-In

Steps to Conducting an Effective Mid-Year Check-In

About this time every year, Team Ace Concepts likes to perform a mid-year check-in. Taking time now to review the goals we set for ourselves and our company at the beginning of the year gives us a much better chance of finishing Q4 exactly as we imagined (maybe even better!).

Here are some of the Ace Concepts steps we take to perform an effective mid-year check-in:

• Assess Progress Objectively: When we set our annual goals, we go a step further and break those down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily targets. Doing so gives us a reliable yardstick by which we can measure the progress we’ve made.

• Review Resources: No matter what we find – whether we’re exactly on track or wildly off schedule – we consider the resources at our disposal and whether they’re being used well. If we need to invest more time or money, this is when we decide to do so. Or not…

• Change Course if Needed: Sometimes when we get to our mid-year check-ins and take an objective look at what we thought was a good goal in January, we find that our resources would be better spent another way. Making some hard choices now will help us achieve more in the long run.

When we’re finished with our mid-year check-ins, we feel rejuvenated. It’s almost like setting our New Year’s resolutions all over again. Follow Ace Concepts on Instagram to watch us put our refreshed inspiration to work.