Ditch These Practices and Boost Your Career

If you’re feeling as though your career is stagnating, it’s probably a good time to evaluate what you are doing that could be impeding your progress. Our Ace Concepts, Inc. professionals suggest these practices could have a negative impact on your career growth:

Unhelpful Mentors: At one time, this person was your hero, full of good advice and connections. However, our Ace Concepts, Inc. experts offer that often, as our needs change, we need to look for new mentors who can fill in the gaps. This doesn’t mean this original mentor no longer has a valid place in your life. It could simply mean it’s time to transition your relationship into something like a friendship.

Embracing the Status Quo: If you’re someone who is comfortable doing things the same way and hates change, you probably should get used to staying put. Our Ace Concepts, Inc. executives suggest that clinging to the status quo can be the ultimate career killer in a fast-paced, ever-evolving business world. Instead, relish opportunities to show that you’re able to improve processes and be innovative.

Irrelevant Goals: It’s always a good idea to revisit your goals periodically to see which ones are still feasible. What you held out hope for last year might not be as practical this year. Instead, think of the journey and what makes sense for now and in the future.

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